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Our Inspiration

“A good teacher can inspire hope , ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning” – Brad Henry

We feel very lucky to have the blessings of Goutam Ghosh Sir with us. He is the person who has shown us the right path of this Great Journey. The most important thing is that he has created the Spark of encouragement inside our heart,  that made us believe “WE CAN DO IT”. Side by side he is wholeheartedly helping us . And we also assure that we will continuously work hard for this Great Support….

Sir has provided a video regarding the overall strategy in youtube @ channel ‘WBCS HELPLINE- TOPPER TALKS’. Click HERE  to watch.

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WBCS Online portal for self studies

We are dedicating this online portal to the Soldiers and the Weaker sections of our Country.

Most of the materials posted here are mostly already shared by other people in the web. The materials are arranged in a systematic way so that the Aspirants can find them easily all together.

If any one has any Copyright claim regarding any material posted here please contact us below. 

WBCS Online Portal for Self Studies - Chase the Knowledge by Yourself

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