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Light & Optics

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the bottom of a tank or pond containing water appears to be raised due to which poperty of light?


necessary conditions required for total internalreflection?

angle of incidence greater than critical angle

the speed of a star and speed pf galacies measured by?

the quality microscopes show blurred images due to?


Lens formula?


mirror formula?


when kerosene oil spread on the water surface seems to have a decent colour because of?


mirage is a…?

optical illusion of water appears in desert in hot summer day.

illusion of water in desert due to TIR

If a lens is immersed in a liquid whose refractive index with respect to air is equal to the refractive index of material of lens with respect to air. what will happen to the lens in such medium?

invisibility occurs

concave)convex, convex)concave

optic classified into how mant parts?

Ray and Wave

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