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National Movements 1931 to 1946

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On which of the following fleet, the naval revolt of 1946 was started?
(a) I.N.S. Virat
(b) I.N.S. Kowrn
(c) I.N.S. Talwar
(d) None of these

Ananya Sarkar

Who said the Muslims are fools to ask for safeguards and the Hindus are greater fool to refuse them?
JL Nehru / AK Azad / MD ali/ SC Bose


First trial of army was done in Delhi at Red Fort in 1945, of:

A) Shah Nawaz Khan
B) Gurbaksh Singh Dhillon
C) Prem Kumar Sehgal
D) All of the above

Ananya Sarkar

D) All of the above


Forward Bloc was formed by Subhash Bose in the year?

A) July 1943
B) July 1942
C) July 1945
D) July 1941

Meghna Sarkar

22 June 1939

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