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Ananya Sarkar

In which place of India that true evergreen forests are found?
Western side of Western Ghats / Eastern side of Western Ghats / Eastern Himalayas /Shillong Hills

Meghna Sarkar


Ananya Sarkar

In which part of India has the highest percentage of total forest area?
Himalayan region / the great plain / the peninsular plateau and hills /Eastern Ghats

Ananya Sarkar

Which one of the following is not the problem of Indian forestry?
Inadequate and dwindling forest cover / nature of forest and their and economical utilisation /plant diseases insects and pets /all of these are problems

Ananya Sarkar

shifting cultivation should be discouraged and travels depending on this type of cultivation should be provided with alternate sources of livelihood.
True or false

Ananya Sarkar

What is the part of social Forestry in India?
Agroforestry / community Forestry / commercial farm Forestry / all of the above

Ananya Sarkar

In which city of India the institute of rain and moist deciduous forest is situated?
Jodhpur / Jorhat / Bengaluru / Jabalpur

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