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Tax in India and Fiscal & Monetary Policy Part II

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Guillotine is the process-
In which the speaker puts on the outstanding demand made by the budget directly to vote in the house /the financial stability dilemma/this represents disapproval of the policy underline the demand /none of the above

B. 97.25

2. March 31 to April 1

b) Elastic tax base


Which one of the following Institutions prepare the national income estimates in India?
Planning Commission / RBI / CSO / Indian statistics Institute


Who presented the first Union budget of independent India?
Morarji Desai / John Mathai / RK shanmukham Chetty / n k Chanda

What kind of tax system is found in India?
(A) Progressive
(B) Degressive
(C) Proportional
(D) None of the following

What is called Tax heaven?
(A) A country which gives tax exemptions to the foreign citizens that there will be no tax on investing the money in their country.
(B) Subsidy given by the government in taxes
(C) Tax evasion in the domestic country
(D) To impose equal taxes on domestic producers and foreign producers

a) Ability to pay

If ‘Tata Company’ imports a product from abroad, then which tax will be levied on it?
(B) Custom duty
(C) Income tax
(D) Corporation tax

(B) Custom duty

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