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WBCS Prelims Set 2 ( Geography, Polity-Economy & Science from Previous Years) 75 Marks

Test your knowledge on WBCS Previous Years Questions (75 questions – Time 50 mins)

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Santu Deb

Set 2 (Geo, pol,eco and science ) a 54 no qstn answer vul ache.ota none of the above hbe.bcoz president election a parliament er nominated members ra part nite pare na.but option a nominated kothata nai.sudhu members of l/s and r/s ache.mane tader modhey nominated members rao include.but nominated members election a part nite pare na.tai best option none of the above hbe. Jodi elected members of lok sbha & rajya sabha thakto thle ans ta right hoto

Sujay Kumar patra


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