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Vitamins and Health & Diseases

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What is the causative organism of Cholera?
Yersinia cholerae/vibrio cholerae/neisseria cholerae/bacillus cholerae

vibrio cholerae

Filaria leads to
Anime /blood loss/enlargement of certain parts like legs in elephantiasis/ none

enlargement of certain parts like legs in elephantiasis

‘Plague’ is transmitted by
(a) House fly (b) Tse-tse fly
(c) Rat flea (d) Mosquito

(c) Rat flea

The jaundice is a physiological liver disease. It is caused by a
(a) Bacterium (b) Virus
(c) Protozoan (d) Helminth

(a) Bacterium

Which is an autoimmune disease?
(a) Cancer (b) Asthma
(c) Erythroblastosis foetalis (d) Rheumatoid arthritis


(c) Erythroblastosis foetalis

Cancer of blood is called
(a) Leukemia (b) Lymphoma
(c) Sarcoma (d) Hybridoma

(a) Leukemia

What is the another name of lockjaw?
Clostridium / bacillus titani/tetanus / all



Which one of the following pairs of disease can spread through
blood transfusion?
(a) Cholera and hepatitis
(b) Hepatitis and AIDS
(c) Diabetes mellitus and malaria
(d) Hay fever and AIDS

(b) Hepatitis and AIDS

By which kind of drugs the treatment of AIDS can be done?
Anti AIDS /anti HIV/ antivirus /anti retro viral

anti retro viral

Which of the following disease is a hormonal disorder ?
(a) Anaemia (b) Cholera
(c) Diabetes (d) Goitre (e) both c & d

c d both

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